ADEPT – The NLHMB has been actively involved in Disaster Management since the early 1990’s. Its work in Post Cyclone, Post Earthquake relief work has been widely appreciated. Therefore it was natural for NLHMB to react to the December 26, 2004 Tsunami. One of the first agencies to be galvanized into action, the NLHMBs teams consisted of professionals from as far away as Ludhiana. Medical teams were constituted in no time and placed in needy areas. Timely supply of material resources, logistical support relating to other activities were provided from the Chennai office.

The tremendous trauma caused by the Tsunami was not limited to physical damage or loss. Survivors were reeling from shock unable to cope with the aftermath of the disaster. NLHMB recognized the need for psychosocial rehabilitation and came up with a long-term sustainable strategy to help the survivors recover and prepare communities for future calamitous situations. As an expression of this strategy the Academy for Disaster Management Education, Planning and Training has been established in Chennai

ADEPT has in a short time grown into a mature Disaster Management Resource Agency.


The Academy for Disaster-Management Education, Planning, and Trained is a non-profit organization that aims to consolidate the knowledge in the field of disaster mental health and management, for the purpose of advocacy and training of disaster management personnel for more effective functioning.

ADEPT is the disaster management initiative of the National Lutheran Health and Medical Board (NLHMB) which is the official Health & Medical Unit of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church in India (UELCI) engaged in promoting medical work, medical education and other relief to the poor and needy.

ADEPT was set up in January 2005, in the wake of the Tsunami. The National Lutheran Health and Medical Board has been in existence since 1986 and has been providing medical relief in disasters since 1996. the National Lutheran Health nd Medical Board (NLHMB) and the patners of ADEPT had been active in various disasters including the Andhra Pradesh cyclone 1996, the Orissa supercyclone 1999, and The Gujarat Earthquake 2001.

The NLHMB has a strong focus on education, medical, gender, justice, youth, dalits, children, ecology and development activities.


To establish an Asia Pacific Disaster Management resource, facilitation and knowledge management Institution


To carry out such disaster management, education, planning, and training activities that go towards achievement of the mission.