Research Assistant (Laboratory)

Job TitleResearch Assistant (laboratory)

Organization: Indian Institute of Public Health Shillong & NLHMB

Location: Meghalaya

Specific location: Shillong

Closing date of applications:11/10/18

Email for receiving applications:

Project brief:

Understanding malaria in Meghalaya – Center for the Study of Complex Malaria in India

Meghalaya has a significant burden of malaria, but there is a lack of research and surveillance data. This project will carry out epidemiological and entomological studies in Meghalaya to understand prevalence including asymptomatic carrier status. The goal is to generate evidence that will assist in the design of effective measures to reduce and ultimately eliminate malaria in Meghalaya. The study is part of the Center for the Study of Complex Malaria in India (CSCMi), a U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded project operated by primary research institute New York University in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Public Health, Shillong and the National Lutheran Health & Medical Board.

Position: Research Assistant (laboratory) 

Key Deliverables:

Functional requirements

(i) Carry out processing and microscopy on the blood/mosquito samples collected by the field team (ii) Will be responsible for maintaining safety and quality standards in laboratory and for all equipment (iii) responsible for proper labelling, storage and maintenance of the blood samples collected (iv) Carry out molecular biology assays on collected samples (v) Analyse and interpret data (vi) Prepare report of laboratory activities and results and assist the team in preparing deliverables for funding agency and primary research institute as and when required. Other: Any other project or institution related activities may be assigned from time to time by the principal investigator or immediate supervisor.

Liaison Requirement

(i)Liaison with vendors and dealers for maintenance of laboratory equipment and purchase if required (ii) Liaison with microbiologists/lab personnel working in state and district level offices/labs

Operational requirements

(i) Staining and microscopic examination of the blood/mosquito specimens(ii)Maintain the quality standards in laboratory for all equipment, including disposal of laboratory waste a per relevant regulatory frameworks (iii) Ensure proper processing, labelling, storage, and maintenance/organization of the blood samples collected (iv) Calibration of laboratory equipment (v) Carry out/Assist DNA/RNA extraction from the blood/vector samples, (vi) Carry out basic molecular biology assays (vii) Analyse and interpret the data (vi) Prepare report of laboratory activities and results and assist the team in preparing the deliverables for primary research institute, collaborators, and/or funding agency as and when required.


  1. Maintain detailed log of lab work and provide weekly reports.
  2. Maintain and update SOPs for laboratory procedures

Report Writing/Updates

Provide regular updates to immediate supervisor and assist in report writing if required


General requirements

Postgraduate /PhD in Biotechnology/Molecular Biology/ life sciences or equivalent degree. 

Language requirements

Fluency in English is required. Knowledge of local language (Khasi/Jaintia/Garo) is an asset. 

Additional skills

Good writing and communication skills are required. Proficiency in relevant computer applications particularly Excel, word and power point. Knowledge of statistical software is desirable.

Experience: One to two years of relevant work experience will be advantageous

Others: In addition to the listed preferred qualifications and prior experiences, it is essential that the individual who fills this position is team oriented and able to acclimate to the existing, collaborative work environment at the CSCMI.

Interested candidates can submit their CVs with a cover letter to

Applications received for this job position/s may be considered for other suitable available positions at CSCMI/IIPH. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Selection and short-listing of the candidates will solely be done at the discretion of CSCMI/IIPH.

We reserve the right for selection criteria and procedures. Candidate(s) will be free to accept/reject such employment offer as per his/her discretion.

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